Suches, Ga. Wilkins Cove

Suches, Ga. Wilkins Cove

Suches was settled by hardy people that were self sufficient. In the early days before GA Hwy. 60, it took 3 days to get farm products to market in Gainesville by horse and wagon and back home again. Things are different now of course, but it is still a 15 mile drive to Dahlonega to any major stores and banks.

The Suches area consisted of several smaller postal districts until 1955, when the United States Post Office consolidated the area into one, but the Suches zip code extends into Fannin County.

Suches was named after a Cherokee Indian Chief. Caucasians moved into the area about 1838.

Today Suches (The Valley Above the Clouds) is primarily a retirement and farming community with no large stores. Suches is the home of the Wood Gap School, the smallest public school in Georgia.

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